What about my dreams III

 A friend on Facebook replied to my post about dreams with the words "Never hold back on dreaming dreams before the Lord." This reminded me of something I had thought about saying but hadn't. Since prayer  is a place where we can be emotionally honest before God, we should offer our dreams to God. Even the dreams that are obviously wrong.

I have dreams and desires that are obviously wrong. All too often, I show that what I want most out of life is to be entertained and distracted, to simultaneously be the center of attention without really having to do anything. What about that dream? There is actually a very large grain of truth in it. In God's story, I am chosen and significant, not because of anything I have done but because God chose me. (And not just me, he chose anyone who will come). But yet God also wants to share his character with me, and that involves doing hard and difficult things, sometimes without recognition or outward signs of blessing.

I had a literal dream in my childhood, actually a nightmare. A deep powerful voice said to me, "This is God. Do the right things, or I will send ten thousand meteors to destroy the earth." I woke up terrified. But when I look back on that dream years later, it's clear that wasn't really God speaking to me. The role of the man whose righteousness saves the world from destruction had been assigned already, two thousand years before I was born. (Well, nineteen hundred and some odd years before, to be precise). That's one dream I am glad to abandon.

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