What about my dreams II

My friend and colleague posted on Facebook yesterday a comment about God and dreams."Your dreams don't trump Gods agenda. What is necessary to be joyful in the face of this reality?" he asks, then concludes that we can be assured that God loves us and wants to bless us beyond our dreams by giving himself to us.

Good thoughts. In faith, we hold our dreams loosely, because God may have something better than our dreams. I've also just finished reading the Joseph story (Gen 37, 39-50). Joseph dreamed of his brothers and his father bowing down to him. A very selfish dream, but God chose to fulfill it (after Joseph endured a great deal of suffering), because it also fulfilled God's greater plan.

So I think we can offer our dreams to God, knowing he looks kindly on us and will do great things above all that we might dream, imagine or ask for.

My first post about dreams

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Leroy Straley said...

The origin of dreams always puzzled me. And continues to do so. How can we dream what we do? I could never be that ugly, disdainful, beautiful or powerful. How could that dream come from me even if my heart is deceitful?

Also were does a dream go upon awakening? To be safe if I dream a sinful dream I confess it to God and move on knowing all things work together for good for those who love The Lord.