Faith when things still haven't changed

My latest blogger discovery, Addie Zierman, penned a brilliant image this week. She's writing about the long winter in Minnesota this year (some places have even gotten snow in May).

The first warm day comes only four days after that Third Snowstorm. In the span of half a week, we move from boots to sandals, from winter coats to pale toddler tummies bare in the backyard.

The trees are still stripped bare and there are no buds anywhere that I can see. The grass is patchy and snow-burned and sharp.

I’m amazed that it can look so much like winter and so much like spring at the same time. And at the same time, there’s something that feels profoundly true about that to me.
 So much like winter, and yet like spring, if you look. Aslan is on the move, the thaw has begun. But there is still a lot of snow, Aslan hasn't come yet.

That was Abraham's story. God promised many descendants, yet Isaac came very late in life. David was promised an eternal kingdom, which later split in two. The promises are great and precious, yet there is so much "not yet." May we keep hoping and trusting.

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