Do you remember the first time you read Scripture aloud?

We're in Uganda right now, helping some new Bible translators learn how to translate into their languages. Last weekend, each team visited some other speakers of their language with their draft of the Good Samaritan story.

One man read the passage aloud, as someone in our group recorded him. He asked to have a copy of the recording for his computer. He said it was the first time he's ever read Scripture aloud in his own language, and he wants to be able to share that moment with his children.

Fenelon on God's grace

God performs everything in us, but does it with and through us. It is his grace when I do what I should and do not what I should not; when I endure difficulties, resist temptation, believe and hope in God’s presence even when I don’t feel it. He invites my cooperation, he does not regularly transform me or my circumstances until I ask for it, until I lay my heart open before him and admit my present weakness and awkwardness.

A paraphrase from Francois Fénélon. (to find the passage I'm paraphrasing, do a search for "grace" on that page.