A moment of wonder

My mind steps back to think about this whole universe of which I know only a small part, How big it is! How big God is, to make all this. Stars and galaxies far beyond our ability to count, the numbers we think we know can only be wild estimates if not guesses.
But the parts I do know are so richly detailed. As far down as my eyes, could go, or even further down through a microscope, details and intricacies abound. And what am I? An intricate network of molecules, a set of self-maintaining energy flows, containing a somewhat self-aware intelligence, emotional drives that now support one another, now conflict. And I grapple with the sometimes comforting, sometimes disturbing proposition that the maker of all these wonders is interested in me as an individual, wants my trust and loyalty but also asserts that I'm not really in charge, I can't have whatever I want, but he has lots of good things for me.

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