Some spiritual lessons

Some spiritual lessons from recent years:

  • When it looks like God hasn't kept a promise, go to him and ask for wisdom and help. Messy circumstances that suggest that the promise isn't really true may be the arena where God wants to demonstrate again how true the promise is. 
  • Lay my raw emotions before God in prayer. There is no point in pretending I'm not feeling what I'm feeling. There isn't much point in thinking I can stop feeling something just by deciding that it is wrong or inappropriate to feel that way. A negative emotion laid before God in prayer loses much of its power to perturb God's peace in my heart.
  •  Life may not have given me what I most wanted, but do I really have something to complain about? If I can't be content with what I have, can I be content with what I want? 
  • Change is normal. Don't think of the current change I don't like as something I can get past and never be bothered with again. 
  • Don't judge the wisdom, integrity or competence of others just by whether they make my life harder. Many times life needs to be complicated. 
  •  The purpose of life isn't to make us happy but to make us holy. (Adapted from Gary Thomas' book about marriage).

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