A good poem

Tim is a colleague that I've friended on Facebook, but may never have actually met. He wrote a poem which struck me this morning:
Be still, my soul.
Let my self with its need for attention, distraction and connectedness
Melt into the background
Like hard wax becoming molten in the presence of your flame.
Be still, my soul,
Relax the hand that grasps
Into an open hand
From which my empty trinkets can be taken
And into which blessings dropped easily.

Read Tim's whole poem.

The second line grabs me. How I long for attention and distraction. Surely the love of God should fill up my need to be noticed. But it doesn't. I want attention now.

And when God loves me so, why am I so eager for distraction, to escape and kill time?. Why do I not appreciate the gift of this life God has given me?

Lord, open my eyes again to see the length and height and breadth of your love for me.

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